BOGO PADDLERS are set to compete in Bohol on August 22, 2015 during the The First Panglao Dragon Boat Fiesta Challenge as one of the highlights of the fiesta celebration of said LGU.

The Bogo Green City Paddlers had their first dragon boat ride and race last May 26, 2015. The neophyte paddlers proved undaunted to fight with tooth and nail against the experienced Bohol teams. In their first try, Bogo Paddlers captured the second place during the time.

Earlier this month, the Bogo Paddlers scrambled to assemble their team for the competition held at Cebu Yatch Club in Mactan, organized by the Cebu Provincial Government Sports Commission. They muscled their way through and ended up exhausted leaving them out of the championship matches. During that time they learned that team work and techniques defeat brute force and muscles.

On August 22, 2015, the Bogo Padlers will once again give their all to face the more experienced and technical Bohol paddlers, in a dragon boat race invitation from Panglao Local Government. This time the Bogo Paddlers will compete under the banner of good will and friendship, in a way returning the favor to Bohol the same way that the Bohol team graced Bogo during its first hosted dragon boat race held in May 26, 2015.

In this competitive sport of paddling, the Bogo Paddlers put their paddle forward on all avenue wherein the awareness of the sport is promoted, wherein the matches will facilitate economic and developmental linkages among LGUs, and also wherein tourism will be enhanced and boosted. To these all, the Bogo Green City Paddlers say: Oars up!